Core Documents

Category A: Formal Application Documents (all March 2016 unless otherwise stated) 
BRE/A1  Transport and Works Acts Order Application Letter 
BRE/A2  Draft Order 
BRE/A3  Explanatory Memorandum 
BRE/A4  Section 90(2A) Planning Direction Application   
BRE/A5  Concise Statement of Aims 
BRE/A6  Supporting Statement 
BRE/A7  Statement of Consultation 
BRE/A8  Estimate of Costs 
BRE/A9  Funding Statement 
BRE/A10  Declaration as to the status of the Applicant 
BRE/A11 List of all consents, permissions or licenses required 
BRE/A12 Scoping Opinion, May 2015 
BRE/A13 Deposited Plans and Sections 
BRE/A14 Book of Reference 
BRE/A15 Planning Direction Drawings 
BRE/A16 Reduced Size Deposited Plans and Sections and Planning Direction Drawings 
BRE/A17/1 Environmental Statement: Main Report 
BRE/A17/2 Environmental Statement: Figures 
BRE/A17/3A Environmental Statement: Appendices & Supporting Documents 
BRE/A17/3B Environmental Statement: Appendices & Supporting Documents 
BRE/A17/4 Environmental Statement: Appendices & Supporting Documents 
BRE/A17/5 Environmental Statement: Design and Access Statement 
BRE/A17/6 Environmental Statement: Transport Assessment 
BRE/A17/7 Environmental Statement: Non-Technical Summary 

Category B: Legislation       
BRE/B1  Section 90(2A), Town and Country Planning Act, 1990  
BRE/B2  Part 1, Transport and Works Act, 1992 
BRE/B3 Part 3, Sections 38 and 39; and Part 8, Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act, 2004 BRE/B4  Section 60 - 74, The Control of Pollution Act, 1974  
BRE/B5  Part II A, Environmental Protection Act, 1990 
BRE/B6 Transport and Works (Applications and Objections Procedure) (England and Wales) 
Rules, 2006
BRE/B7 Transport and Works (Inquiries Procedure) (England and Wales) Rules, 2004 
BRE/B8 Transport and Works (Model Clauses for Railways and Tramways) Order, 2006 
BRE/B9 Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations, 2011

Category C: Scheme Development Documents Including Consultation  
BRE/C1 Autumn 2014 Public Consultation Leaflet, Transport for London, September 2014  
BRE/C2 Autumn 2014 Public Consultation Report, Transport for London, January 2015  
BRE/C3 Autumn 2014 Public Consultation Response to Key Issues Raised, Transport for London, January 2015 
BRE/C4 Spring 2015 Public Consultation Leaflet, Transport for London, May 2015 
BRE/C5 Spring 2015 Public Consultation Factsheets, Transport for London, May 2015 
BRE/C6 Spring 2015 Public Consultation Report, Transport for London, September 2015 
BRE/C7 Winter 2015/16 Public Consultation Leaflet, Transport for London, December 2015 
BRE/C8 Winter 2015/16 Public Consultation Factsheets, Transport for London, December 
BRE/C9 Winter 2015/16 Public Consultation Report, Transport for London, March 2016 
BRE/C10 Barking Riverside Extension Transport Options Summary Report, Transport for London, May 2015 
BRE/C11 Transport Options Back-check Report, Transport for London, July 2016 
BRE/C12 Route Option Assessment Report, Transport for London, May 2015 
BRE/C13 Single Option Selection Report, Transport for London, September 2015 
BRE/C14 Route Options Back-check Report, Transport for London, July 2016 
BRE/C15 Intermediate Station Feasibility Report, Transport for London, December 2015 
BRE/C16 Planning Permission Decision Notice for Barking Riverside, LPA Ref: 04/01230/OUT as varied by 08/00887/FUL, June 2009 
BRE/C17 Schedule 2, part 4, para 10, Section 106 Agreement Relating to Land at Barking Riverside, Barking, August, 2007 
BRE/C18 Planning Application - 16/00131/OUT for Barking Riverside, January 2016 
BRE/C19 Transport Assessment and Travel Plan, Barking Riverside Limited, January 2016 
BRE/C20 BRL s73 Planning Application Drawings, Barking Riverside Limited, January 2016 
BRE/C21 Planning Committee Report – s73 application 16/00131/FUL, London Borough of
Barking & Dagenham 27 July 2016
BRE/C22 Economic & Business Case, Transport for London, July 2016  

Category D: National, London and Local Policy and Guidance Documents 
BRE/D1 National Planning Policy Framework, Department for Communities and Local Government, March 2012 
BRE/D2 Noise Policy Statement for England, Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, March 2010 
BRE/D3 Guidance on Compulsory Purchase Process and The Crichel Down Rules for the Disposal of Surplus Land Acquired by or Under The Threat of Compulsion, Department for Communities and Local Government, October 2015 
BRE/D4 National Infrastructure Plan, HM Treasury, 2014 
BRE/D5 Extract - Foreword; Chapter 1 Introduction: Planning for the Long Term; Chapter 3 Rail, Investing in Britain’s Future, HM Treasury, June 2013 
BRE/D6 Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, Guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment, 2004 
BRE/D7 Volume 11 Environmental Assessment, Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, Highways Agency, 2009 
BRE/D8 Interim Advice Note 133/10 Environmental Assessment and the Planning Act 2008 (Highways Agency, 2008) 
BRE/D9 Natural Environment Paper, Biodiversity 2020, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, 2011 
BRE/D10 Paragraphs 1.31-1.36 - Funding, TWA Procedures 2006 
BRE/D11 Chapters 1 - 6 and Annex One, The London Plan, Greater London Authority, March 2015 
BRE/D12 City in the East, Greater London Authority, 2015 
BRE/D13 London Infrastructure Plan 2050: A Consultation, Greater London Authority, 2014 
BRE/D14 London Infrastructure Plan 2050: Update, Greater London Authority, 2015 
BRE/D15 The Mayor's Transport Strategy, Greater London Authority, 2010 
BRE/D16 The Mayor's Economic Development Strategy for London, Greater London Authority, May 2010 
BRE/D17 The 2013 London Strategic Housing Market Assessment, Greater London Authority, 2013 
BRE/D18 The London Housing Strategy, Greater London Authority, 2014 
BRE/D19 The Housing SPG, Greater London Authority, March 2016 
BRE/D20 London Planning Statement, Supplementary Planning Guidance, Greater London Authority, May 2013 
BRE/D21 London Riverside Opportunity Area Planning Framework, Greater London Authority, September 2015 
BRE/D22 TfL Budget 2016/17 and Business Plan, Transport for London, 2016 
BRE/D23 TfL Corporate Environmental Framework, Transport for London, June 2014 
BRE/D24 Extract: Chapter 8: Cycle Parking, London Cycling Design Standards: Draft for Consultation, Transport for London, June 2014 
BRE/D25 Fit for the Future - Our plan for Modernising London Underground, London Overground, Trams and the DLR, Transport for London, June 2014 
BRE/D26 Pedestrian Comfort Guidance for London: Guidance Document, Transport for London, 2010 
BRE/D27 Taking forward the Mayor's Transport Strategy: Accessibility Implementation Plan, Transport for London, 2012 
BRE/D28 Transport Assessment Best Practice, Guidance Document, Transport for London, April 2010 
BRE/D29 Travel in London, Report 8, Transport for London, 2015 
BRE/D30 East and South East London Sub-regional Transport Plan 2014 Update, Transport for London, March 2014 
BRE/D31 Connecting the Capital, Transport for London, 2015 
BRE/D32 Interchange Best Practice Guidelines, Transport for London, 2009 
BRE/D33 Station Public Realm Design Guidance, Transport for London, 2015 
BRE/D34 Part A, Part E Section 7 & 14, Streetscape Guidance, Transport for London, 2016 
BRE/D35 The All London Green Grid (previously East London Green Grid), Greater London Authority, March 2012 
BRE/D36 The London Sustainable Drainage Action Plan: Draft for public consultation, Greater 
London Authority, 2015 

BRE/D37 Extract: A Strategy for Growth - Conditional Outputs, Anglia Route Study, Network Rail, March 2016 
BRE/D38 Core Strategy, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, July, 2010 
BRE/D39 Borough Wide Development Policies (DPD), London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, 2011 
BRE/D40 Site Specific Allocations (DPD), London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, March, 2010 
BRE/D41 Proposals Map (DPD), London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, December, 2012 
BRE/D42 Urban Design Framework, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, November, 2007 
BRE/D43 Barking Station Masterplan SPD, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, February, 2012 
BRE/D44 Local Plan Issues and Options Report, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, July 2015 
BRE/D45 London Borough of Barking & Dagenham Local Development Framework (Barking Town Centre AAP), February, 2011  

Category E: Pre-inquiry Documents 
BRE/E1 Statement of Case, Transport for London, July, 2016 
BRE/E2 Flood Risk Assessment Addendum, September 2016
BRE/E3 Gallions Reach and Belvedere River Crossings Consultation Leaflet
BRE/E4 Gallions Reach and Belvedere River Crossings Option Assessment Report (Long List), November 2015
BRE/E5 Gallions Reach and Belvedere River Crossings Option Assessment Report (Public Transport Interim List), November 2015
BRE/E6 Strategic Planning Application Stage 2 Referral Planning Report, September 2016
BRE/E7 Meeting Minutes Development Control Board, July 2016
BRE/E8 National Policy Statement for National Networks, December 2014

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